Raj said he isn't buying it.

I want to buy oranges.

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Why didn't you just take the money?

Lloyd is the tallest in his family.

I have sensitive skin.


You gotta be making this up.

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A Pap test can help detect cervical cancer early on.

There's no point starting a shop selling take-away lunches; there are already plenty.

I want to avoid rush hour.

We can't leave you there.

Let's talk about that over drinks.

The House cut the budget for foreign aid.

Why should we elect him mayor?


The reasons are unclear.

She still has a crush on Justin Bieber.

Haven't we been here before?

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Is the baby OK?

How many people does this ship's crew consist of?

Jack does whatever we tell him.


Did you sleep with him?

Just because he's good, doesn't mean he's wise.

Just because a certain book does not interest readers does not mean that the fault lies in the book.

I can make nothing of what he says.

Shel is starting to lose hope.


Everyone likes Mann.


When does your vacation start?

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Good night, sweetheart.

Johann and I are good friends now, but we didn't like each other the first time we met.

You'd better not have gone out with my girlfriend.

You do it next time.

I wish you were wrong, but I know you're right.

Picasso painted this picture in 1950.

I heart you.


If a person is dishonest, he is dishonest to the end.

Manavendra borrowed my bike.

Do magpies really steal things from humans?

He looks very good.

I grabbed a book off the shelf.


They're having a party in the apartment upstairs.

This is the first time I've ever searched Marika's name on Google.

Don't give up!

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Elliot plays tennis well.

Roxana took an exhilarating walk round the lake.

I beg you to let me live.

This is the first time I've ever hung a picture in my office.

Lindsey was born a month premature.

If you have no character to lose, people will have no faith in you.

Then we came to Kyoto, where we stayed for a week.

How high is that mountain?

Do you think Guy resembles his mother?

I want you all to be very careful.

I'm originally from China.

But for the safety belt, I wouldn't be alive today.

Antonio doesn't want to make a big deal out of it.

There were some students in the classroom.

I'm going to try to see that that doesn't happen.

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He won the day by virtue of his strength of will.

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Ric had the nerve to yell at the judge.


Please, help my daughter.

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It is very hot in the summer in Japan.

He assumed that the man was hiding something from him.

Marrakesh is hotter than Paris.


I've got some cookies.

When will a new video be out?

Our athletic meet took place only three days ago.

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He took her aside and told her the news.

Why was the Egyptian boy confused? His daddy was really a mummy.

After we had walked for some time, we came to the lake.


Tandy is coming up the front walk.

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Matthieu Jackson wasn't reelected governor.


There are four fountains with statues of Neptune, his wife Amphitrite, Diana and Adonis in the Market Square.

Oleg doesn't seem to be very nice.

You caught me off-guard.

Mr Fujimori is famous all over the world.

You haven't told anybody, have you?

Let me tell you about the dream I had last night.

Someone open the door.

Would you like to go out to have a drink somewhere?

I spent the whole day thinking about you.

She came!

I wish to speak to Saul in private.

In later years, I confess that I do not envy the white boy as I once did.

Dory raised his right hand.

She keeps secrets.

We felt the ground sinking.


I'm in bed.

The mystery of her death was never solved.

This painting isn't complete yet.


They might be able to help me.

When will Mother come home?

Everyone has to learn the words by heart.

Emmett can speak French as well as you can.

That must be confusing.

They stopped talking as soon as I came into the room.

Men can only be corrected by showing them what they are.

Ninja might go to Boston with Surya.

Jeffrey almost never forgets to wash his hands before eating.


I connect to the Internet almost every day.

What'll happen?

Perhaps Martha is married.

Isn't Yukimasa so cute?

I assure you I'm in perfect health.

Don't look into the box.

You are a very lucky man.

While doing the wash she found a condom in the back pocket of her son's pants.

Don't ever lose the faith in yourself... You can do everything you want to do.

May the Force be with you.

The beauty of the sight is beyond description.


I like going swimming in the sea.

We all thought it difficult to execute the plan.

I can afford good food now.

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This money is mine.

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Dad uses fire to roast a chicken.

"Jos, we're losing tyre, we're losing lots of tyre. Try to make a move, try to make a move." "What do you think I'm doing, Greg?"

It's a good day for a picnic.

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For all his wealth, he is unhappy.

Pratapwant is a beginner.

I was forced to abandon the plan.


Gordon is not a busy person.

Wear torn clothes if you must, but be independent.

It's just blood.

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Where do you live in Turkey?

It won't be long before that happens.

We have almost finished our work.

She couldn't see it, but she could feel and hear it.

The government in Baghdad had fallen.

I didn't know that until this morning.

Don't make noise. Keep quiet.


My little sister has been suffering from a toothache since last night.

Darrell didn't know that Joyce was in town.

How far is it to New York?

Do you think Sridhar is handsome?

That's a funny one.

Can you get Diana to come to my party?

It is here where I live.


I just want to say that I believe you.

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What do you mean, why don't I ever say it?


Come and join us.


Caleb got up to greet me.


I do not like spring.

I have arrived at work.

Many of the traditional wooden houses are ablaze.

There's a glass here.

Do you want us to try prying this door open?

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He's not my boyfriend.

What if somebody sees you?

Dion was fair.

There are many long words in the German language.

I don't like what you're wearing.


We need to talk about them.

There's nothing they can do.

We really hope another war will not break out.

He is Ethiopian.

They heard wolves howling in the distance.

I had not run five minutes when I got out of breath.

Clay did not agree with all of Adams's policies.

She looked around her room.

Don't faint!

We met earlier.

We have captured one of their spies.

Graham is a big eater.

It's a bad problem.